Tacoma's #1 Asian Restaurant - The Fuzion Cafe, by INDOCHINE on Pearl

The Fuzion Café has a foundation of Thai cuisine, but is a combination of many Southeast Asia cuisines. Only the finest ingredients, fresh herbs and spices are used to prepare our exotic dishes. Lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, garlic, and kaffir lime leaves are the essence of our cooking. These exotic herbs and spices bring out the incredible flavors of the food and transforms each dish into an amazing culinary experience.

Our Fusion-style dishes are unique and combine multiple cuisines into a single dish. For example, the Green Curry is distinctly Thai, but we serve it with an Italian-style pasta. We have adapted our menu to our customer’s palates, and listened to 100’s of requests to serve more exotic foods. The people of Tacoma insist they want more variety than the typical Asian restaurant. We are here to serve them with pride.

We have designed exotic, “Fusion-Styled” dishes that appeal to almost everyone. We even accommodate for customers with special dietary needs. Some of our dishes, such as the Sautéed Basil Curry, are gluten free while other dishes are vegetarian. If you would like us to modify one of our dishes to be gluten-free or vegetarian, we are happy to prepare it for you. We invite you to dine at our restaurant or order a meal to go!

The Fuzion Cafe Gallery

*Disclaimer: The food images on our website are decorated for picture purposes, and may not represent the actual image of the food when served*

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