1. Spicy Hot Wings 9.95

A generous portion of chicken wings marinated with spicy hot sauce and then fried in a crisp golden batter & served with hot chili sauce.

2. Coconut Prawns 8.95

Succulent skewered prawns lightly battered & rolled in toasted coconut.

3. Crab Rangoon 8.95

Little “pots of gold” filled with a mouth-watering blend of crab and cream cheese. Served with a sweet & spicy dipping sauce.

4. Dancing Buhhda 10.95

Crispy tofu in caramelized sweet chili & hoisin sauce, further blessed with basil.

5. Crispy Fish & Chips 11.95

Fresh cod marinated in soy, garlic & pepper is dipped into peppery herbed breading with spicy house fries.

6. Pot Stickers 9.95

Pan fried pot stickers filled with a delectable mixture of lean ground chicken and sweet onion. Served with our zesty ginger vinaigrette.


13. GF Fresh Spring Rolls (Chicken & Shrimp) OR tofu 7.95

Two delicately wrapped salad rolls filled with fresh lettuce, fragrant basil, & cilantro all enveloped within a transparent rice paper wrap.

14. Thai Fried Rolls (Chicken or Vegetarian) 9.95

Four delicious crisp-fried spring rolls with a savory chicken or vegetarian filling, beautifully garnished and served with vinaigrette.

15. Firecracker Fried Rolls 10.95

Crisp fried paper rolls filled with luscious garlic, shallot, rice noodles, habanero & vegetables.


18. Grilled Lamb Satay 11.95
19. Curry Chicken Satay 10.95
20. Lemongrass Beef Satay 11.95
21. Honey Sesame Chicken Satay 10.95

Ribbons of tender, marinated, & grilled meat skewers accompanied by a robustly aromatic Thai peanut sauce. Each order is served with four skewers.

SOUP (Partial order available)

24. Spicy Prawn Soup 11.95

Traditional Thai “tom yum” soup, blending a delicious balance between hot & sour, mingled with tantalizing flavors of lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, and delectable prawns afloat our savory stock.

25. Asian Fish Soup 11.95

Made with an abundance of fresh herbs & spices including turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir limes leaves. Served with rice noodles & bean sprouts.

26. Tom Kha Chicken & Coconut Soup 11.95

A tangy & creamy coconut soup blending Thai herbs & tender chicken breast.

27. Wonton Soup 11.95

Sumptuous wontons stuffed with a shrimp & chicken filling served amidst diced vegetables in a savory stock.


30. Tropical Mango Salad (Chicken or Tofu) 11.95

An eye-opening salad bursting with color & flavor; expertly weaving a mosaic of sweet tangy pineapples & mango with fragrant basil & a hint of peanut sauce.

31. Thai Beef Salad 11.95

Tantalizing medley of tender strips of beef, fresh herbs, & luscious greens in a tangy dressing.

32. Salad of the Sea 12.95

A vividly delicious mixture of fresh greens, sea scallops, shrimp, & calamari lightly tossed in a superb herb & lime dressing.

33. Ginger Sesame Salad (Chicken or Tofu) 11.95

A refreshing mix of crisp salad greens, cabbage, & shredded carrots tossed in a zesty ginger & sesame dressing topped off with crispy noodles.

34. Toasted Sesame Wraps (Chicken or Tofu) 13.95

A mouth-watering favorite! Chicken or tofu caramelized with roasted nuts, sweet mango & aromatic basil served with buttery & flaky pastry flat bread.

35. Lettuce Wraps (Chicken or Tofu) 13.95

Lean minced chicken or tofu & vegetables sautéed in a savory hoisin sauce. Served with romaine lettuce & crispy noodles.

Side Orders (per side)

Steamed Jasmine Rice 1.50
Brown Rice 1.75
Yellow Curry Rice 1.95
Steamed Vegetables 1.50
Peanut Sauce 1.50