Asian Ginger Wings (8pcs) 11.95

Crisp golden battered chicken wings coated with a sweet chili, ginger & garlic sauce.

Coconut Prawns (6pcs) 11.95

Skewered prawns lightly battered & rolled in toasted coconut

Pot Stickers (6pcs) 11.95

Pan-fried pot stickers filled with chicken and served with our house zesty ginger vinaigrette sauce.

Fresh Spring Rolls (2pcs) 8.95

Fried Spring Rolls (4pcs) Chicken or Veggie 11.95

Crisp fried rolls with a savory chicken or vegetarian filling.

Crab Wontons (8pcs) 10.95

Little pots of gold filled with a blend of crab & cream cheese.

Fried Wontons (8pcs) 10.95

Edamame (steamed soy beans) 6.95

Jenga Tofu (8pcs) 10.95

Columns of crispy tofu floated in sweet chili & hoisin sauce.

Grilled Pork Satays (2pcs) 6.95

Honey Ginger Chicken Satays (2pcs) 6.95

Side Orders (per side)

Jasmine Steamed Rice 1.95
Brown Rice 1.95
Yellow Curry Rice 2.95
Steamed Rice Noodles 2.95
Steamed Vegetables 2.95
Peanut Sauce 1.50
Spring Roll Sauce 0.75


Mango Sticky Rice 8.95
Chocolate Truffle 6.95
Cappuccino Truffle 6.95
Passion & Mango Sorbet 7.95
Homemade Coconut Ice Cream 5.95